STANLEY KIRINDE      (1930 - 2009  Sri Lanka)

Stanley Kirinde is one of Sri Lanka's outstanding 20th Century artistic talents. Early in his career, he exhibited with the Group of '43 (Sri Lanka's seminal Modernist collective). Kirinde was a self-taught artist, and balanced his aesthetic interest with a demanding civil service career. He was a prolific artist, experimenting with numerous traditional mediums including: pen/ink, watercolour, oils/acrylic, pastels, wood cuts, engraving and mosaics.

His various series explored themes which emerged from his love for vernacular history, literature, culture and traditions (e.g. the Jataka tales, the Jayamangala Gatha, the Vannam dances, the Salalihini Sandesa, and the love songs of Radha and Krishna). Later works documented the social turmoil of local civil uprisings.

Though largely naturalist in influence and technique, Kirinde credited Indian miniature traditions and those of the Italian Renaissance as major influences. He was also fascinated by Picasso's cubism and the socialist art of the Mexican Revolution.

His works have been included in exhibitions: at the Smithsonian Institution (USA); at the Festival of Asian Art, Fukuoka, Japan; in the landmark exhibition of South Asian Contemporary Art, Colours of Karma, at the Nehru Centre, London (2005), and during Asia Week, New York (2007).

He completed a number of important commissions including for: the Presidential Collection of Sri Lanka, various Sri Lankan Ministries and institutions, and the Indian government, (portrait of Sri K.R. Narayana, President of India; mosaic murals for Army and Airforce Headquarters; restoration of David Paynter murals in Trinity College Chapel, Kandy).

In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious "Deshabandu" National Honour by the President of Sri Lanka.

"The currency of art is debased if it is robbed of its national ore."    Stanley Kirinde

Major Literature

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