Form, Design, Colour. Digital
print of tree bark, Hand tinted.
Unique 2008

Leaf, Silver Gelatin Print, 2006, (24cm x 30cm)

Fan Leaf, Digital Print from negative, 2007, (24cm x 30cm)

Tracks- Tin Mine Landscapes, Lambda  Print, taken circa 1975, (137cm x 91cm)
ERIC PERIS      (b.1939   Malaysia)

Eric Peris is one of South East Asia's foremost photographers and works exclusively in black & white.  He often hand tints works, thereby combining his painterly and photographic aesthetics.

The Tin Mine Landscapes series is arguably his most significant contribution to Malaysian art history.   The series, taken in the late 1970s,  originally numbered 41 images which were published in a book by the same name in 1980.   Twenty three images from the published series have survived and have been transferred by Peris into digital format, thereby increasing  impact and  interaction, and  providing a contemporary format for these iconic works.

This body of work is significant for a number of reasons, not least of which is strong aesthetic content. The images speak to the history of a nation since a significant portion of the region's early wealth and thus nation building resources, was derived from tin mines. These landscapes have been lost to development, and thus ironically, continuing economic wealth has contributed to their erasure.   The concept of Impermanence (or ‘Anicca’ as termed in Buddhism) has been explored repeatedly in this body of work and throughout Peris’ career.

The clarity and tranquility of the images indicate Peris' state of mind at the time of photographing. He embarked on a journey, specifically to photograph these landscapes, soon after the death of his mentor and hero, his father. This emotional passage of the young Peris was one of the factors that perhaps operated to create a brilliance in these works - in the stillness and movement, the clarity of the light and the meditative quality of the images. Found in these works are themes of abandonment, rejuvenation, preservation and extinction.

TIN MINE LANDSCAPE SERIES – Twenty three images in series.

Silver Gelatin Prints, Ed. 10 Print size 16" x 20"

Black & White Lambda Prints.    Ed. 12
Print size up to 54" x 36";.

Publications include
Landscapes - A Photographic Study of the Tin Mine Landscapes, Malaysia, 1980
Images of Gitanjali, (Pictorial study of the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore), 1984
The Malaysian Heritage Homes, 1989
Asian Art Newspaper, November 2007




2000 - Current   Chairman, Press Awards for Photography, Malaysia.
Consultant for photojournalist  training programs.
Judge for regional and local photography contests.
Full time photographer.
1996:   Co-curator,  national program,  Photography as Art, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
1994:   Jury member of the 18th Photo Contest in Asia/ Pacific Region, organised for UNESCO (ACCU).
1991 – 1994:    Photo Editor of The New Straits Times (national newspaper).
1988 – 1990:   Photographic consultant and photo coordinator for the Trans Borneo Expeditions.
1987 – 1989:   

Conducted New Straits Times/Kodak Photographic Outing program for amateurs.

1986 - 1991:    ASEAN and National level Co-chairman of the yearly National Productivity Photographic Contest.
1984 - 1986:    Photographic coordinator and Director of the Confederation of ASEAN Journalists.
1982 - 1983:   Malaysian delegate to the ASEAN Symposium of Painting, Photography and Graphic Art in Bangkok and in Kuala Lumpur.

Major Exhibitions

More than 28 solo exhibitions since 1980 and participant in and curator of numerous group shows including most recently “50 Ways to Live in Malaysia”,  Petronas Gallery and “Out of the Box” at SGFA The Private Gallery.

Significant Collections

National Gallery of Art, Malaysia; Petronas Gallery, Malaysia; Central Bank of Malaysia ; American Express; Malaysian Airlines and numerous local and international private collections.
Tel +603 7960 4740