Gallery Hours : Tues – Sat: 11:00am - 7pm. Public holidays and all other times by appointment.
    No. 8 Lorong 16/7B, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: + 603 7960 4740

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How to find us

The gallery is accessible by the front entrance at the end of Lorong 16/7B. Visitors are invited to ring the doorbell if the gate is shut.

By car:
From Jalan Universiti, turning onto 17/1, off which 16/7 is a right turn. Lorong 16/7B is a security-protected cul-de-sac, a left turn off 16/7 if coming from 17/1. From the Damansara highway, the gallery is accessible by turning left onto 17/1 if travelling towards Taman Tun, or by turning onto 16/1 by the Eastin Hotel junction. From 16/1 a right turn will lead down 16/6, off which 16/7 is a left turn. Lorong 16/7B is security-protected sul-de-sac, right turn off 16/7 is coming from 16/6. Parking is available on Jalans 16/7 and 16/6.

By bus:
Buses U85 and Metrobus 12, travelling between Pasar Seni and Taman Paramount, and T635, travelling between LRT Universiti and Hospital Universiti, will drop visitors off at the closest bus stop on Jalan Universiti, next to Jaya One shopping centre. From there, turn up 17/1 (the right-hand side of the road has pavement) and from there take the first right up 16/7. Lorong 16/7B is a security-protected cul-de-sac, a left-turn from 16/7 if walking from 17/1.

By taxi:
Tell taxi-driver SGFA is located close to shopping centre Jaya One as this will take visitors to the junction between Jalan Universiti and 17/1, from which the gallery is easily accessible.

The closest LRT station is Asia Jaya, from which bus T628 will drop passengers off by Jaya One.

By air:
From Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), use KLIA ekspress or KLIA transit, both terminating at KL Sentral. From KL Sentral, the Kelana Jaya (red) LRT line can be taken to Asia Jaya stop , from which T628 Bus will drop passengers off next to shopping centre Jaya One on the junction between Jalan Universiti and 17/1. From this junction, visitors should access the gallery by taking the first right up 16/7, off which Lorong 16/7B at a security-protected cul-de-sac, a left turn off 16/7 of coming from 17/1.



Artists /Designers who wish to exhibit through SGFA or be considered for projects, please email

(i) Resumé and
(ii) up to five low resolution images of recent (2 years) work or website link to images and
(iii) project proposal.

SGFA has an active Internship Program that encourages development of, inter alia, research, curatorial and arts management skills. Interns are actively involved in Gallery activities including gallery management and exhibition infrastructure. Minimum duration is 2 months. At the conclusion of a successful intership terms, SGFA will gladly provide recommendations based on performance.

Applicants are asked to email statement of interest with CV (and two referee contacts).
Applicants for
Rahman Roslan,
Work Walk, Bali 2010, C-Print , Ed. 8, 24in x 60in
Tel +603 7960 4740