ART HUG WITH MICHIKO KASAHARA Photography, June 16, 2012
Michiko Kasahara led an ART HUG group of budding photographers (ages 8 years 15 years). They viewed images from numerous exhibitions organized by Michiko, engaging in an on going dialogue about photography, the image, art and society.

A big thank you to Standard Charted for this invitation to go to Art Hug. Art Hug was very fun and the gallery had so many colorful pictures. I like colorful pictures because they make places look very bright. The chance to take pictures on my own was very exciting. I think everyone there was helpful and happy because I always saw them smiling. I chose these pictures I'm sending with my daddy I hope you like them:):):)
Gaia, 8 years
Photographs by Gaia:
Thank you very much for having me at your Art Hug session. It was really fun to learn how every piece of art has a story behind it. You aced me to send you 3 pics that I really like and these are it. The theme of these pictures is colour even though one of them is in black and white but my favorite thing to shoot is flowers and nature. Thank you so much for having me - I had a real great time!!!
Sasha, 13 years
Photographs by Sasha:
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