PREPARATIONS - THE MEASURING SERIES is an exhibition of new works by Nasir Baharuddin, Sabri Idrus and Hafiz Amirrol – award winning and established talents, who are the first participants in the Malaysian – Poland Cultural Exchange and Art Residency Program.

The exhibition works, which were executed as studies for the program, are digitally manipulated photographs, collage and drawings. Each print is unique/without edition, and measure 76cm x 76cm.

Nasir Baharuddin is an established artist and educator, who has exhibited internationally and nationally. His current research focuses on visual art thinking and the intellectual contributions of local artists.

Sabri Idrus is a contemporary artist, exploring experimental techniques and materials, which involve painting, graphic design and industrial material.

Hafiz Amirrol is an architect with focus on humanitarian buildings. He has presented works for this show which combine sketches and images to comment on prevailing architectural focuses.

The Residency Program will function as an international laboratory for research, education and development in art, architecture and urbanism. This Program, has been initiated with the expectation that the experiences will expand formal and intellectual resources. Centered in Warsaw, Poland, but including other towns of Poland, the Residency Program’s respective studios will creatively utilize surroundings as the focus of research, innovation and new methodologies. The artists will work closely with local community, including other artists, architects, curators, and third-party collaborators.

The Exhibition runs from July 3rd – September 30th, 2009.

Hafiz Amirrol

Sabri Idrus

Nasir Baharuddin


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