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PRESS – Select Coverage since 2007


Arc Issue 25, 2nd Quarter 2012: Ganendra Art House
Gallery Residence & Ganendra Art House, HABITUS Living (Australia, March 2012)
SGFA, Casa Living Magazine, Malaysia March 2012
Green Space, SGFA's Gallery Residence
, Wallpaper Thailand, July 2011
The Peak, Domain (annual publication), July 2011
Edge, Options, Shia Yih Yiing’s Petal World, Blooming Pages, May 30, 2011
COSMO, Trina Tygrett
, January 2011
Shalini Ganendra Fine Art KL Lifestyle, June 2010

ART MONTHLY AUSTRALIA April 2010, Chin Kon Yit curated by SGFA at G-Hotel
Art: Durian Tales,  NST March 14, 2010

Art: Bites of Malaysian Life, NST March 7, 2010   

Marie Claire, Women of Style & Substance, Anniversary Issue, August 2009
The Peak Magazine, State of the Art, August 2009
Shalini Ganendra Fine Artby Wasana Ekanayake, June 2008, Sri Lanka Foundation (USA)

Asian Art Newspaper (UK), Yeoh Kean Thai, December 2008
Malaysia Tatler, January 2009.  Beyond Points of Rust - Yeoh Kean Thai
The Edge, Options: The Splendour of Gems - Chin Kon Yit, October 20, 2008
Millionaire Asia: An Eye for Art, Issue 2, Volume I, 2008
KL Lifestyle - Issue 10/08 - Gems of Heritage
Country Life, UK, March 2008 – Asia Art Week
Life in Art, Harpers Bazaar, Malaysia May 2008
Art Asia Pacific Almanac 2008, Sri Lanka
The Peak, Linkages - Yeoh Kean Thai, November 2007, Malaysia
Art New England, Sri Lankan Contemporary,   April/ May 2007
Art Scope, New England’s Culture Magazine, Sri Lankan Contemporary,  May/ June 2007
Harpers Bazaar Malaysia - Smart Set Article, May 2007
The Peak, Galleristas, April 2007
Orientations Magazine, Asia Art Week, NY -  Issues March and April 2007
Mood Indico (USA) – Sri Lankan Contemporary,  March 2007

Web Articles

Shalini Ganendra Fine Art, Expat Women, Feb. 2011


Shalini Ganendra interviewed on Living Art Exhibition, Radio Australia
Shalini Ganendra on BFM ,November 8, 2010
Nirmala Karuppiah on Exhibition- Capturing Twilight on BFM ,November 15, 2010


WALL STREET JOURNAL May 14/18 Arts/Culture feature: Life and Art Mix Outside Kuala Lumpur
BRIT SPIRIT William & Son by William Asprey @ SGFA Star Newspaper 16/10/11
LIVING Art of Going Green, SGFA NST 1/10/11
Art Through The Ages, Living Art Aboriginal, New Straits Times 28/8/11
Edge, Options, Yeoh Kean Thai Code Red, February 6, 2011
Edge, Options, Trina Tygrett, January 8, 2011
Nirmala Karuppiah, Capturing Twlilight, The Star, 28/11/10

Dance Tales after Sunset Nirmala Karuppiah, NST 14/11/10
Carol Cassidy, NST 17/10/10
Dance Tales after Sunset Nirmala Karuppiah, NST 14/11/10
Living with Art
, New Straits Times , July 2009
New Straits Times, March 15, 2009: Malaysian Art Hits the Big Apple

International Herald  Tribune,  March 8/9,  2008:  Asia Week in New York
New Straits Times, Yeoh Kean Thai, January 11, 2009
New Straits Times, "Eric & Yeoh Do Us Proud",  Monday Feb. 25, 2008
My Sinchew, Yeoh Kean Thai, October 2007
New Straits Times, Scenes that may soon pass - Bob Teoh, June 2007
The Boston Globe, Best Bets – Sri Lankan Contemporary Exhibition, 5 April 2007
New Straits Times,  January 12, 2007

Publications by Director

"Art in Emerging Regions", Robb Report, Singapore, January 2010
"Twenty Years in Review" in National Art Gallery of Malaysia Journal, March 2010
The Peak, August 2009: State of the Art
Asian Art Newspaper (UK), November 2007:  Perspectives on Malaya - Photographic Stories
Mood Indico, (USA)  March 2007:  The Journey of Sri Lankan Art
Asian Art Newspaper (UK), November 2006:  An Island of Art – Sri Lankan Contemporary
Finance Asia (HK) 2004: Sri Lankan Contemporary Art

Paradise Found, Journeys through Noble Gardens of Asia  (2008) - Essay on Peradaniya Gardens, Sri Lanka

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