SGFA's commitment to free public education in the arts extends to a number of CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) initiatives , designed to offer the public a window into the world of artistic creation and understanding. To prove that art is not just an elitist dabble - SGFA provides these opportunities through complimentary programs, ART HUG and ART FOR YOU.
ART HUG is an SGFA initiative inspired by an idea of a child, Juliana Ganendra, to create an art programme just for children. ART HUG aims to: (1) provide productive use of time, so a child never feels alone or neglected, (2) support positive personal development and curiosity and (3) build confidence - all through accessible creativity and expression. Groups of children, (ages 8 12 years) living in local charities, participate in the monthly program, for free.

Through ART HUG, children are introduced to exciting perspectives on art history and contemporary art movements. They participate in discussions on the relevance of art for individual and community. ART HUG allows them to explore the world colourfully, nurturing empowerment and confidence.

The classes themselves are often taken by the artist or artists currently involved in exhibition or residence work, meaning that regular attendance is rewarded with exposure to a wide range of artistic styles.

Invited children happily participate in the monthly program, for free.

ART HUG WITH MICHIKO KASAHARA – Photography (Click to view details)   June 16, 2012

ART FOR YOU is a public program, aiming to bring great art and artists to wider audiences, through presentation in premiere public venues. To date, the Gallery has collaborated with: KL Pac, E&O Hotel, Lone Pines, G- Hotel, Opus Bistro and Leonardo's.

Capturing Twilight Series, Silver Gelatin,
Nirmala Karuppiah

Sublime Weaves, Acrylic on wood/canvas,
Faizal Sidik

C-4 Series, Digital Print Ed. 8, Zac Lee
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